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At Justice Comics we know you are the kind of people who love comics while getting great value. To get that you need to know your comic retailer is knowledgeable, understands your requirements and can reliably deliver. We believe we can deliver in all areas of what you require from a comic book retailer. We love comics, it's in our bones and we've been selling them in our Stirling store since opening on the 26th of June 1993 and now we are selling online. Our attention to detail and product knowledge is why our customers trust us to fulfil all their comic needs, don't take our word for it, check out our reviews on Facebook or Google (for example) and hear what other customers say. Here's how it works, either pop into the shop simply browse the site, buy and enjoy. So, stop missing out on your favourite titles and know you can rely on Justice Comics.

Justice Comics has built a reputable reputation and now delivers comics to customers across the whole of the UK. You can either set up a standing Order in store or simply fill in the Mail Order request form on the web-site and ensure you don't miss an issue of your favourite titles.

Since opening Justice Comics has seen many great comic events such as: 

Batman #500 which saw Azrael taking over as Batman during the Knightfall storyline.

Superman The Man of Steel #25 which featured the first appearance of Superman’s return from the dead in the classic Return of Superman storyline.

Image launches with the release of Todd Mcfarlane’s Spawn and other titles such as Cybeforce, Gen 13, Team 7, WildC.A.T.S. and Witchblade.

Hellboy makes his first mainstream comic book appearance, in Next Men #21 and continues to be a fan favourite. 

Kurt Busicks and Alex Ross’s Marvels series was released in 1994 and a couple of years later in 1996 Alex Ross teamed up with Mark Waid and released DC’s Kingdom Come series. Both critically acclaimed by Marvel and DC fans alike.

The marriage between X-men Characters Scott Summers and Jean Grey in X-men #30 (Vol 2). 

The Spider-Man clone saga begins and runs until 1996 - causing controversy with Spider-Fans.

There was also the DC v Marvel series, where comic fans got to vote on the outcome of five bouts: Batman v Captain America, Spider-Man v Superboy, Storm v Wonder Woman, Superman v Hulk and Wolverine v Lobo.

Image releases the Walking Dead which becomes one of their most successful titles.

Action Comics reaches the landmark 1000th issue and Batman makes his 1000th appearance in Detective Comics #1027.

These are only a few of the great storylines/events that have happened since Justice Comics opened in 1993 - there are far too many to list everything!

There are still many classic comics to come. What will they be? Only time will tell.